White Cedar Inn Bed & Breakfast


It’s hard for us to believe we’re actually turning out the lights here at White Cedar Inn. Many of you have stayed here over 35 years, starting with Phil and Carla, then with Jim and Gwen, afterwards breaking us in as well. It’s a bittersweet moment for us as we say goodbye to all the lovely people we’ve met over the past 16 years. You’ve inspired us to go the distance, annoyed us enough that we made valuable changes to the business, and stuck by us through our learning curve, a recession, many (many!) prosperous years, and then COVID. Unfortunately, the pesky pandemic made us rethink our long term plans. Although retirement was already on our list of ‘things to do,’ it was just not possible to face another year that might be like 2020, so we made the decision to sell the inn.

The new owners are wonderful people, but they have a different vision for the property. Our last day here is June 17. The buyers begin renovations on June 18.

We appreciate all of the delightful, sad, and uplifting moments of your life you allowed us to share with you. Yes, we remember the graduates, the newly engaged, the 50-year anniversaries, the new babies, and, hard to believe, we were here long enough some of you came back as adults after spending your summers coming to Maine with your parents!

Now, our next adventure is calling. We are looking for a new home, but we’re not sure where we’ll end up. You can keep in touch via the phone number, snail mail or email below! We’d love to catch up if we didn’t get to see you this year.

Places to stay in Freeport-

Here are our suggestions for places to stay in Freeport (in no particular order):

Candlebay Inn: 207-865-1868

Brewster House: 207-865-4121

Kendall Tavern B&B: 207-865-1338

James Place: 207-865-4486



Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

-Monica & Rock


Gift Certificates-

If you have an outstanding gift certificate, please contact us to get a refund. (Sorry, we cannot refund donated gift certificates.) After August 31, 2021 you will need to contact the State of Maine Treasurer’s Office, Unclaimed Property Division. We need to turn in any unused gift certificate monies to the state in order to close out the business. (Even if you find the gift certificate next year, get in touch with the state!)


Want that recipe you’ve been meaning to copy? Newer recipes are here. Older recipes are on the blog.

Keep in touch-

Phone: 207-520-1520

Snail mail: White Cedar Inn PO Box 588, Freeport, ME 04032 (Our personal mail is also going to the same address.)

Email: relax@whitecedarinn.com (We still have the domain name!)